Here at SolarGlass, our pets are important to us. So when a customer calls to inform us that their fur babies have been messing with their new products, we are always willing to help in any scenario. Not only are we dedicated to superior customer service, but we understand the headache our beloved pets can give us.

Much like the story of Fido in Door Repair Extraordinaire, we have a customer with a pet that would ALSO like to enter and exit the home as she pleases.

Pets without pet peeves

Fluffy the kitty would wait patiently until her owner would open their Marvin windows, wait until they weren’t looking, then use her kitty strength to push the screen out so she could go exploring. While she was thrilled to be out catching bugs and smelling the fresh air, it is not safe for Fluffy to be roaming the neighborhood, which is also patrolled by coyotes looking for a snack.

When Boone, our Boulder Sales representative heard of Fluffy’s escape, he came to the rescue and assisted to install retention pegs in the screens to prevent this from happening again.

Sure enough, Fluffy was up for the challenge, and used all of her kitty strength to push through the screen yet again.

Boone was determined to find a way to secure pegs strong enough to outweigh Fluffy’s strength, so he came back to the home for a SECOND time with our service department. He again assisted to install additional retention pegs at the base of the screen.  We are happy to report that there is now enough force to prevent Fluffy from pushing out the screens due to the commitment and resilience of the SolarGlass Team.

Thanks to the attentive Boone, Service Team, and Fluffy for keeping us on our toes.

Posted September 8, 2015 by Signature Windows + Doors
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