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Windows and doors have increased in size dramatically since the turn of the century. Windows featuring 50+ square feet of glazing are not uncommon. Similarly, gone are the days when a 16’ wide, 8’ tall door was considered large. Door systems 20” to 50” in width and 10’ high are becoming the new normal, and prior installation methods are becoming outdated and no longer comply with modern building codes. Signature Windows’ Installation Services team installs these systems weekly whereas most contractors and their subcontractors see these systems once or twice a year. We offer unrivaled, project-specific installation methods to ensure your project is done right the first time.

We work with contractors to ensure door openings are prepared for the weight and operation of the system, doors sills are optimally positioned to balance performance and seamless transitions, and water management and air infiltration defense systems are properly engineered. For windows, we ensure structural requirements are met and develop the installation plan for units requiring mulling in the field. Importantly, all our installations are through jamb for structural integrity and, with the exception of masonry openings, nailing fin attached and flashing for water management.

In terms of timing, we fit into the contractor’s schedule, not the other way around. We can mobilize large teams where time is of the essence or complete work in phases when, for example, job site conditions prohibit the use of large crews.

Our team—sales, support, installation and design—manages the entire process to ensure every window and door is perfectly installed. As Colorado’s leading installation services company, we have decades of experience in large-scale projects, as well as working in occupied units. Every project we take on is backed by our 10-year installation warranty. We carry the top brands and most in-demand materials and styles, including aluminum frame, fiberglass and clad wood. Each brand we offer comes complete with masterful installation.