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Door Repair Extraordinaire!

The caped crusader strikes again! No, we’re not talking about an evil villain or a masked hero who leaps tall buildings in a single bound … just the opposite in fact. Did you know that here at SolarGlass we have a secret window ninja making great things happen behind the scenes?! Jay Howard, our warehouse operations manager, is the master when it comes to perfecting our windows and doors. You may recall a recent post about Self Directed Service Excellence in which we featured Jay and his amazing repair skills.

Well once again, our window wizard has saved the day! In the photos below, a brand new patio door was savagely attacked by a monster. By “attacked,” we mean scratched. And by “monster,” we mean a three-legged dog …

As you can see in the photo below, Fido REALLY wanted to get back inside the house but unfortunately, there was a brand new patio door in his way.

Door Repair - Before

This door is a Marvin Aluminum Clad door with a best in industry finish that has the highest scratch-resistance rating of any product on the market. That said, it was clearly no match for the determination of our four, or in this case, three-legged friend.

Thankfully, Jay was all over it … once again, he sprung into action, and the result is nothing short of amazing:

Door Repair - After

Try to find those scratches, we bet you can’t!

What is fun about Jay is his humility and associated quiet pride and confidence. Anything odd or never been done before, we toss to Jay … and with good reason! As always, his work on this project was exceptional, and to top it off, he even decided not to charge the customer for the repair. The door was only a few months old and the customer mentioned the desire to replace windows at some point. Great independent thinking, don’t you think? We can definitely add salesperson to Jay’s Swiss army knife-like skill set.

If you have a window or door that needs replacing, or perhaps just some repair, please don’t hesitate to call us. We offer complimentary in-home consultations, and are happy to discuss the window and door solutions best suited to your home.

Posted August 4, 2015 by Signature Windows + Doors


Signature Windows + Doors
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