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Master Installation and Service

We are here to help you make confident and informed decisions for your home. The result? Beautifully designed window and door systems that transform the way you interact with the world, inside and outside your home. Our passion is designing windows and doors that make a difference in your everyday life.

Our extensive industry knowledge and decades of experience ensure that Signature Windows will meet and exceed your expectations.

Colorado’s Home Window & Door Specialists

Anders Adelfang

Ander has been working in architecture and construction for 20+ years, and is passionate about beautiful design, well-built homes, and happy customers. His designs have won dozens of state and national awards and have been featured in a variety of print magazines and online publications. He has served as the chairman of his local homebuilders association’s remodeling council and has also been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Anders is a graduate of Auburn University’s School of Architecture.

Ben Anastasio

Ben has been working closely with Signature Windows since 2011, assisting with our installs when we were over capacity. In 2015, we hired Ben to oversee all of our installs as the Director of Installation Services. His superior skill set, impressive track record, and vast industry knowledge has contributed to the most impressive installs in the industry; all performed to regulation and specification. His attention to detail and hunger for perfection are qualities Signature Windows can confidently stand behind.

Boone Becker

Boone finally joined the Signature Windows team in ’99 after exploring interplanetary soundscapes for a number of years. Interestingly enough, he is one of the few Coloradans who are here for the nightlife. His favorite part of Signature Windows is working with the ever expanding family of loyal customers who make the day fun as well as productive as they seek to “get it right.”

Vianca Delarosa

Vianca started with our company in July of 2014 and has worked very hard to become well-versed on all the products we carry, so she is better equipped to order them from our suppliers. Fresh out of high school, she worked in customer service at a few insurance agencies for over 6 years. In 2011, she changed gears and worked at Solar Solutions and Distributions as the accounting and purchasing assistant until she was offered a job with Clean Energy Distribution to be their primary purchasing manager. Now, we are lucky enough to have her as our purchasing manager. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her three beautiful daughters, and enjoys taking them to movies, amusements parks, and the zoo.

Kib DeLorraine

Kib graduated from Cortland State University/N.Y. with a major in Physical Education, and a minor in special education. She has worked in the window and door business for over 20 years, and joined Signature Windows in 2002. Kib enjoys golf, scuba diving, riding her Harley, and hanging out with her dogs.

Rick Garhart

Rick is the company’s Vice President responsible for commercial and residential sales, as well as installation services. Previously, he was the owner of Bear Construction and Design for 16 years, specializing in commercial and multi-family wood framing. Rick graduated with a degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University, is married, has two kids, and coaches high school baseball.

Gwénaël Hagan

Gwénaël has owned Signature Windows (formerly SolarGlass) for nearly ten years. After working in cable television, technology, and finance, and spending a great deal of time in Europe, he wanted to own something where he could “walk the talk” on service excellence and “quality of customer experience.” We are selling the peace of mind of knowing the project will be completed on time and without any hand wringing or second guessing about choosing Signature Windows. Gwénaël feels that the coolest part of being a member of the team is the people he works with; “the most experienced, the most tenured, and the most eclectic group in the window business!

Brad Littlehales

Brad has been involved in all phases of the building and developing industries for almost 40 years. He is a Senior Sales Consultant for Signature Windows. Brad is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, is married to his wife Dianne of 35 years, and has two children, Tyler and Gracie.

Dan Robles

Daniel is married to Mariah and has a beautiful 1 year old baby girl named Skylee. He was born and raised in Denver and loves to collect sports memorabilia.

Lisa Simplot

Lisa moved to Leadville, Colorado in 1983 from Illinois and attended Colorado Rocky Mountain College. In 1986 she moved to Boulder and was a bookkeeper for a few companies before becoming a member of our team in Feb. 1989. She loves to spend time with her husband and three children and works hard managing her husbands company.

Chance Thede

Chance is part of the Commercial Services division covering all of Colorado. Previously he was with a national window manufacturer concentrated on many facets of operations. After graduating college back east, he returned to his native Colorado to enjoy his family and the outdoors.

Jeff Thornburgh

Jeff has been with our company since January 2013. He has been in the commercial construction for many years he was living in North Carolina Before moving to Colorado 2 years ago. He enjoys fishing, camping and shooting clay pigeons he also loves going to see live music.

Bruce Wamsley

Bruce joined Signature Windows in October of 1995 as the Warehouse Manager of the original Englewood location. He is currently the Director of Customer Service and Delivery. Bruce has over 30 years of experience in the Distribution and Service of Window and Door products. Bruce is married and loves to spend time fishing and playing golf.

Bobby Weber

Bobby started with our team in 2013 and brings with him 10 years of customer service. After a successful stint learning the delivery/service aspect of the business, Bobby was promoted to Sales consultant, where the learning continues. Bobby has completed his Bachelor of Science in environmental sciences degree. He enjoys spending time with his family, being in the outdoors and watching sports.

Tom Weidle

Tom is originally from Illinois, but fell in love with Colorado when he visited the state for a trip as a boy scout. He moved to CO as soon as he was able to, and has been here for 2 years, previously working out of a warehouse. CO is his playground as he loves to mountain bike, camp, and hike. He works out of our Warehouse as one of our competent delivery drivers.



Thor is the newest member of the Geiger/Hagan and Cora household. He is a rescue puppy and we believe him to be a Whoodle, a product of a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. He is working on getting Cora to accept him as a little brother while Cora is still processing why she has to share her previous calm home. Thor looks forward to adding his energy to the team.



In her spare time, Fuzz enjoys playing with “Wilson” her tennis ball and she looks forward to rounding up the trash can each week at her home. Her work day begins when she brings in the daily newspaper, a quick brushing followed with a chauffeured ride into work with Dad, Bruce.



Cora passed over the rainbow at age 10, and she is dearly missed. She spent part of every work week hanging out with the Signature Windows team. Her job was to keep the owner in line. Good thing the work day is measured in dog-hours!



Asher joins Thor and fills the void left by Cora. In this picture, he is a four month old Bouvier. He splits his days between the office and doggie day care. Denise and I are reminding ourselves that we volunteered for this puppy addition!