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Installation Warriors

While they don’t wear Kevlar, march in formation, nor carry weapons across their backs, we still call them warriors: Installation Warriors.

Each day, our installation team is faced with new obstacles to overcome and puzzles to solve.  Up for the challenge, they strap on their tool belts loaded with their specialized set of “weapons” and venture out to get the job done, no matter the elements.

Every install project brings its own array of challenges, yet they lend no time to pause to scratch their heads when a hurdle arises. They push on undeterred, maneuvering around difficult openings, skillfully problem-solving, and meticulously placing windows into openings.

Porfessional Window Installation

Upon the departure of a SolarGlass installation team member, he gave a tribute to these men that we would like to share:

“I have enjoyed being a part of the team. What I leave behind is a force of installers that truly give blood sweat and tears to the company every day. These four men Jason, Andrew, Henry and Paul show a work ethic to be in awe of. Despite adverse conditions, health hazards, injuries, and temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to below zero, they fight for the good of the company every day.”

While it is no surprise to us, it is always refreshing to be reminded of the unwavering work ethic these men embody.

“There’s something about working for a smaller company that makes us more passionate about our jobs,” says Henry Young, a veteran to the install crew. “We strive to be the best at what we do, and go to great lengths to accomplish this.”

On behalf of all of us here at SolarGlass, thank you to the installation warriors for your resilience, dedication, and continuing to go the battlefield each day.

Posted October 16, 2015 by Signature Windows + Doors


Signature Windows + Doors
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