Signs of spring are beginning to pop up around town, and here in the building industry spring is spanning from building projects in the planning stages to others already in full building mode. Even our feathered friends are beginning to return and bringing with them all the welcoming chirps of warmer days to come. Flower bulbs are joining in the fun as they are sending out their test tentacles to determine if the temperature is just right…

At home, spring is the perfect time to take a look around the house to see what projects, big or small that we can tackle on our own or contract out. Freshening up your home’s entry is a project that is usually not so big that a change in style would lead to a whole house remodel. Updating the entry is not too small either in that it would not be overlooked by your friends and family. Of course spring can make some of us homeowners think of the bigger picture at the onset for a full exterior façade remodel or an interior home makeover.

Any way we look at spring popping up all around us is a good thing. So we welcome the birds fluttering about looking for that perfect branch location to raise their broods. And for us, if you like to be conservative by starting with a small project, a full scale remodel, or new home build, it is just great to have the sun shining longer and the days getting a little bit warmer each day. At SolarGlass you will find the experts that can help you with purchasing your products for a do-it-yourself project, or we can take care of the window and door installation process for you too. Either way you go, we are available to help you get from sending out the test tentacles to project completion.

Posted March 3, 2014 by Signature Windows + Doors
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