Highlights from Friday’s events during the 2nd annual Colorado Home Lifestyle Show in the center court of Cherry Creek Mall revolved around little chefs in the making…
During Friday’s show on March 14th the featured guests were cute little aspiring youngsters learning the art of creating masterpieces in the William Ohs living kitchen that believe it or not, were edible. Guests aged between 2-5 participated in the cooking classes created especially for them courtesy of “Sticky Fingers Cooking.” The chefs at Sticky Fingers were extremely patient and well versed in instructing the little guys and gals to use basic kitchen techniques to create their edible masterpieces that they mixed, put together and baked by the chefs and then after finished and cooked gobbled up by the little chefs and their parents who chauffeured them to this pristine engagement created especially for them by the Sticky Fingers Cooking chefs, and courtesy of Colorado Home and Lifestyle’s show.
Four separate 45-minute classes consisted of these culinary masterpieces that the little burgeoning chefs created and then gobbled down …

  • Apple-carrot doughnut holes and raspberry dipping sauce
  • Vegan German chocolate cake sandwiches
  • Coconut cream and coco-loco-cocoa na-na-na smoothies
  • Excellent eggplant parmesan cups
  • Basil lemonade
  • Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
  • Cupcakes and Perfectly Pear Smoothies

Try one of these great recipes yourself by visiting Sticky Fingers website for instructions at home, and always remember to use the ABC kitchen rules …

  • A – Always ask an adult if you have questions
  • B – B is for blades, and knifes have blades so always use them responsibly and carefully
  • C – Creativity and fun foods are fun to make and eat too

So, always remember to have fun and put safety first in the kitchen and eat the creations that your kids create. We can’t exactly expect them to eat what we make for them if we will not at least try their masterpieces too. Try it … You might like it!

Posted March 17, 2014 by Signature Windows + Doors
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