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Install Windows in January? YES!

Homeowners who are apprehensive about having work done to their homes, and especially removal and replacing windows and doors during the winter months are put at ease with our experienced in-house installation crews on the job completing the work. First of all when we consider the fact that the process of removal and replacement is most likely due to cold and drafty windows and doors that are in need of updating to today’s energy efficient models, it stands within reason that having the old window removed from the home for the minimum amount of time that it takes to prep the opening to receive and install the new energy efficient window/door marks the beginning stage for the home to be running at its most energy efficient wise. Second of all, installing your new windows and doors during the winter months brings immediate results and comfort levels to the home environment. A cold drafty window after being switched out with a replacement energy efficient model and correctly installed provides the benefits which are immediately noticed and appreciated. Third in line, after the cold drafty windows are completely replaced homeowners will notice once spring starts sprouting outside that another reason those old cold drafty windows were replaced was also due in part that the old windows did not operate smoothly, or possibly not operating at all. SolarGlass completely inspects each job to ensure that all the new windows and doors are operating smoothly and effortlessly and once the weather begins to warm up homeowners will happily open up their home to welcome the fresh spring air.

Winter window installation in Loveland, CO home

So, if there are any doubts as to having windows and doors replaced during the winter months, homeowners can see that the complete opposite should be in mind which is the assurance to the overall benefits of enjoying a tight energy efficient home during the cold seasons, along with looking forward to opening up your new windows and doors to welcome the warm spring air breezing through the home as they smoothly and effortlessly operate following your installation completed by SolarGlass’ experienced Installation Services team.

Posted January 20, 2014 by Signature Windows + Doors
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