Weathering the Weather

When it comes to Colorado weather in the summertime, there are two certainties: High heat, and heavy hail. Luckily for you, Signature Windows offers a wide array of products that were designed with the natural elements in mind.
Certain brands, such as Marvin Windows, are made to withstand the harsh Colorado elements. So before you seek replacement windows due to high UV exposure or hail damage, read on for information on the ideal products for our tricky Colorado climate.
Colorado Windows

Hail Storms

When it comes to home hail damage, you’re going to have to press your insurance company to agree to provide quality replacements. It is not uncommon for a company to lowball you, and push for cheap vinyl, which means you are at risk for replacing your windows again as soon as another hail storm hits.

Why You Don’t Want to Replace With Vinyl Windows

In regard to vinyl windows, the weakest part is the window itself. For that reason, vinyl is a poor choice for homes that are vulnerable to midsummer hail storms. If the hail is big enough, it will pop right through the vinyl window. In contrast, fiberglass windows, like Marvin’s Integrity line, are tougher than vinyl and highly resistant to dents from heavy hail.
Unless you want to be faced with similar grade window damage as early as next summer, we suggest conferring with an expert to learn more about how critical it is to replace with a quality window. A window expert can walk you through the process to choose which window will be a like quality to your current damaged window, and which type of window best suits your home.

Colorado’s Most Costly Hail Storms

Our Top Pick for Replacing Hail Damaged Windows

One of our suggestions for Colorado homes prone to hail storm damage is Marvin brand windows. It’s incredibly rare to see hail damage to a Marvin window. The windows boast thick aluminum on the sash and frame of the window, and because these elements are fully extruded they are resistant to dents. Fiberglass and aluminum windows may cost slightly more upfront, but accrue long-term value when a homeowner can avoid the costly expense and hassle of replacing windows.


For this mile-high climate, UV exposure is one of the biggest reasons for window replacement, so preventing this damage from the start will save you a lot of money down the road while keeping your windows looking fresh and new. Brands like Marvin and Integrity are rated best in class for color retention and scratch resistance.
For occupant comfort, Marvin and Integrity offer glass window and door options that are “tuned”– optimizing them for solar heat gain. Solar Heat Gain, or SHGC, refers to how much of the sun’s energy can come through the window. For most home designs and orientation, tuning reduces solar heat gain in west or south facing windows while maintaining a higher level of gain in north and east facing windows. This tuning allows occupants to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Regardless of the type of window damage you’re faced with, partnering with the experts at Signature Windows means a speedy and effective repair and optimal home comfort. Call us today to discuss your window replacement project.

Posted June 4, 2017 by Signature Windows + Doors
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