You may already know that glass wall systems have become an increasingly popular architectural feature in many new and recently remodeled homes – and with good reason. These moving walls provide an incredible amount of natural light and spectacular, uninterrupted views to enjoy.
Here at Signature Windows, we’ve partnered with Sky-Frame, a leading manufacturer of floor-to-ceiling moving glass walls that maximize the view with panel sizes of up to 90 square feet, and frames that are completely recessed into floors and ceilings.
This illusion of completely open space with virtually frameless windows and doors is what sets Sky-Frame apart from other luxury sliding door brands. However, the technology and engineering required to successfully install such expansive glass panels is no small feat.  
While the preparation and installation of the sill may not be glamorous, it is critical to fulfilling the brand promise of Sky-Frame: concealed frames and effortless operation. The videos below feature one of our more recent installations, and provide a clear picture of the precision installation requirements.
Due to our commitment to training and demonstrated competency, Sky-Frame dispensed with their normal requirement that a Sky-Frame technician oversee the work of installers on their first few jobs:

The “Spyder” Crane with its glass handling package is our newest piece of equipment. As you can see, it features several cup rings (suction cups) that together, secure up to 1300 pounds of glass. The Spyder safely lifts our Sky-Frame glass unites up to 30′ high. Handling large pieces of glass safely is critical as replacing damaged glass creates a 10-12 week delay. 
Ben Anastasio, our Director of Installation Services “drives” the Spyder Crane and oversees the crew from his company, American Millworks Installation. With the combination of state-of-the-art equipment and a highly trained, specialized installation team, Signature Windows is unmatched in our installation capabilities.
Unlike traditional patio doors that feature simple wheels to roll the door panel open, Sky-Frame units feature a sill track cleaning carriage system to provide near effortless operation. In addition, multiple, integrated draining system options allow installation details to be tailored to the exact project requirements. These features both require a highly specialized installation as you can see from the photos below:

*Please click the thumbnails to enlarge the images.
Signature Windows eliminates all the risk and worry associated with installing large glass wall systems. We have the right equipment, trained professionals, and a commitment to offer the best service in the industry. With our “Own the Opening” approach, we take care of all details, from vision through installation.
For more information about Sky-Frame products, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.
Posted August 28, 2017 by Signature Windows + Doors
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