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We are firm believers that the perfect companion to high-quality products from SolarGlass are best-in-class installation services. Windows are becoming larger and often being combined in complex assemblies. Doors too are taller and wider, supporting the architectural trend of blending the outside world with the indoor living space. Window and door installations require far more attention to detail than simply ensuring the window or door operates well initially. Sub-par installations often allow air and water intrusion, leaving you with drafty rooms and damage to walls and floors.
After experimenting with a number of approaches to installation services, including building an internal team and working with numerous contractors, SolarGlass chose to deepen its connection with Colorado’s leading installer of high performance doors and windows, American Millwork Installation (AMI). SolarGlass has been working with AMI for over five years, and in late 2015, formed a strategic alliance such that all installations are performed by AMI, with its General Manager, Ben Anastasio, also serving as a member of the SolarGlass leadership team. The alliance allows us to provide the highest quality installation found in the Colorado market, seamlessly integrated into SolarGlass’ overall customer experience.
Ben Anastasio embodies the mission “Honor the Craft.” In following this principle every day, Ben holds his crew a higher standard and leads a team of polite, passionate, and driven professionals. He understands the importance of earning the respect and trust of each homeowner, and strives to accomplish this with each job.

“Any customer selecting a superior installation for their windows and doors will experience the long term benefits of an installation that will perform for the length of the product’s life.” – Ben Anastasio, AMI

AMI’s crews are Installation Masters certified, a certification that comes from the leading, nationally recognized, third party organization that has developed standards for window and door installation. We estimate that fewer than 10% of the people installing windows and doors have bothered with any formalized training. In our discussions with homeowners, we often ask – why would you rely on the quality of a window installer who can’t objectively prove any commitment to training and development.
As part of communicating the alliance to our customers, we developed a merged logo that identifies the connection. It can be seen on Ben’s truck in the photo below. This logo has a much deeper meaning than two companies working in alignment. It symbolizes the unity of two companies who have the motivation and diligence to honor the craft, and provide the best customer experience when it comes to window and door selection and installation.

SolarGlass and AMI
Posted January 11, 2016 by Signature Windows + Doors


Signature Windows + Doors
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