Did you know, you can maximize daylighting in your home with window (re)placement?
If you’ve been considering new windows, you’ve no doubt already thought about the various types and styles available to choose from … color, durability, shape and size are all factors to think about when it comes to cost, value, and curb appeal. But have you considered what impact new windows will have on the interior of your home?
Aside from providing a crystal clear view, one of the most important functions of your windows is to provide adequate natural light, and this is best accomplished with windows that use “daylighting” to your home’s advantage. The correct use of natural light in your home can help reduce electric bills and heating costs, and more importantly, can have a huge impact on the ambiance of your home.

What is Daylighting?

Google simply describes daylighting as the illumination of buildings by natural light, but that’s only half the story. It takes the right windows, doors and skylights, and the right placement and installation of each, to achieve effective daylighting inside your home. Done correctly, it can be sufficiently effective to not just complement, but actually replace the need for lamplight.
A daylighting strategy balances the benefits of natural light with the common side effects it tends to produce … like glare, or excess heat, for example. A daylit home makes the most of the sun’s position during the day to cut electricity and heating costs while reducing glare and unwanted solar heat.


Proper window placement is critical to a successful daylighting strategy. Depending on the design of your home, adding (or removing) windows may be in order. South-facing windows supply steady and even light and warmth while letting in the most light during winter, whereas north-facing windows provide indirect and soft light with little glare or heat gain. East and west-facing windows get a lot of sunlight in the morning and afternoon respectively, but the light can cause glare and discomfort.
Another factor to consider is the height of your windows … or better put, the height of your walls. In rooms with especially tall ceilings, it’s important to include windows as high up as possible to allow an even distribution of light in the space. To achieve balance, make sure there is a window facing at least two directions … Light from one window will neutralize shadows created by the other window and reduce overall contrast within the room.
Of course it’s easy to pick the perfect window placement in new construction and renovation projects, but you can make significant improvements to the windows in older homes too. This often comes in the form of improved energy efficiency, style and design. After all, what good is a beautifully sunlit room if it’s freezing?!

The Benefits of Daylighting

Aside from the more obvious benefits like using light to keep rooms warm in the winter, there are several aesthetic reasons to develop an effective daylighting strategy for your home. Improving the natural light in your space will have a huge impact on color and design elements. A bright and sunny home always has a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere! And with the correct use and placement of windows in your home, you can enjoy the bright sun without any uncomfortable heat or glare.
If you have older single-pane windows, damaged windows, or windows loaded with grids and horizontal blinds that block the view, it’s difficult to enjoy the benefits of daylighting. All the warmth of sunlight is lost with drafty window panes. But not to worry – we can help improve your view and reap all the benefits new windows have to offer!
The professional sales and installation teams here at SolarGlass can tell you all about the high quality fiberglass replacement windows we have available. Windows have come a long way since the use of wood and single-pane glass … the newest fiberglass products are more durable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance than ever before. Best of all, they’re sure to provide plenty of natural light to brighten up your home! Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, or stop by one of our showroom locations to learn more.
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Posted January 4, 2016 by Signature Windows + Doors
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