SolarGlass is excited to announce our new proud sponsorship of the Greenhouse Scholars. The Greenhouse Scholars are a group of high-performing, under-resourced students that are not only financially supported through college, but are also introduced to business professionals in many industries; with whom they are encouraged to establish connections.  As an official sponsor, we’re thrilled at the opportunity to have a presence at Greenhouse Scholar events. Most recently, we made our first appearance at their annual auction called Glass Half Full. SolarGlass donated a Marvin French door to help in the fundraising efforts.
Two SolarGlass representatives were afforded the opportunity to attend the event, and meet a few of the Scholars. These young adults were filled with laughter, ambition, and gusto! It was a great honor to converse with these young people and hear their inspiring success stories. They spoke passionately about how this scholarship has changed their lives and helped them accomplish their dreams, which they once thought to be nothing more than a dream.

Greenhouse Scholars

Many of the students, first generation college attendees, have already been recognized for their unwavering desire to make a difference in their fields. One young man, born and raised in Burma has accepted a summer internship with Google. Another young women, who spoke at the event, was recently appointed to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Board of Health, where she will help enact rules related to Colorado public health, grant programs, and advise the Executive Director.
Unlike many Scholarship Programs, the Greenhouse Scholars gain more than just financial support. Each Scholar is given a mentor, who helps them navigate through college and advocates on their behalf. These mentors believe in their scholars, until the scholars gain the confidence to believe in themselves to keep pushing the envelope in what they can cultivate given the resources.  The mentors, are matched to one scholar, and only one scholar- lending the opportunity for a very kindred one-on-one relationship.
They are living proof that, despite all roadblocks, you can accomplish anything you would like, with a little support, encouragement, and an environment of people who believe you can.
The Owner and President of SolarGlass, Gwénaël Hagan, is embracing our new philanthropic division – “ScholarGlass”. He is now a part of their Professional Network Program, which consists of a community of Leaders whom the Greenhouse Scholars can call upon as yet another resource. Gwénaël is eager to meet with any Scholar who reaches out to him, to teach them about leadership, help them build more contacts, and answer any questions they have about his journey to success.
Currently, we are scheduled to have a booth display at a very popular all-female bicycle race called Venus de Miles which will also benefit the Greenhouse Scholars. We are very excited about the upcoming events we can support in our partnership, and look forward to meeting more of the Scholars we are proud to support in every way we can.
To learn more about how you can support The Greenhouse Scholars, please visit:

Posted May 11, 2015 by Signature Windows + Doors
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