Recently we damaged four windows in transit for a customer located in Aspen. One window was damaged to the point where our customer believed it would have to be reordered with considerable delay to his project schedule.
Jay, our warehouse operations manager took control when the windows returned. Jay come from a farming background where fixing (and not replacing) is the norm. He picked up some aluminum bondo and got to work, and the end result was flawless! We could not find the repaired spot. The damage was discovered on a Thursday. The repaired units were back in Aspen the following Monday. Using a high intensity headlamp, our customer could not find the repair either!
Click on the images below to enlarge, and see the transformation!

Jay Howard - Signature Windows

But wait, there is more! Jay told our customer that Marvin’s Ebony color, like all black colors, shows scratches easily. Jay committed to coming back to the project near the time of completion and he would repair any scratches that occurred during the installation or the remainder of the construction phase. This decision making on the fly and without asking permission is exactly what it takes to achieve Service Excellence. The fix was amazing, and the Commitment to Excellence even more so.
Thanks Jay!

Posted May 5, 2015 by Signature Windows + Doors
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