When it comes to fiberglass materials in the window and door manufacturing marketplace, Marvin didn’t just join in on this innovative material run as it has developed throughout the years – Marvin pioneered it 20-years ago!

Ultrex fiberglass material manufactured by Integrity is the best material to build fiberglass windows and doors, and with the Marvin name and warranty these products will stand the test of time for generations to come. Being the industry leader and pioneer for fiberglass windows and doors, Marvin has proven performance in the field with their proprietary and patented pultrusion process.


Ultrex is a thermoset material which means it will not get soft and flexible in heat or hard and brittle in cold like vinyl based materials. This allows Integrity windows and doors to maintain their true shape, no matter the conditions, without risk of heat distortion that can impact operation, performance and longevity.


Ultrex expands 833% less than vinyl, 314% less than vinyl/wood composites and at virtually the same rate as glass. This means that Integrity windows and doors stay tightly sealed resisting stress cracks and seal failures that plague vinyl based products. It also means that Integrity products perform consistently with long-term operational performance and energy efficiency.


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Posted March 4, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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