We recently replaced old double hung sashes in a 1920s home. The customer chose insert double hung windows to preserve the interior casing while using a panning system to encapsulate the exterior wood that was damaged beyond repair.

Since the home was in my neighborhood, I stopped by and, in addition to asking about their satisfaction with the work – they gave us a 100%! – I asked about their perspectives on the experience of doing business with SolarGlass.

Here are quotes from the conversation:

  • Our responsiveness was reassuring
  • Detailed information was helpful
  • Good coordination of delivery and installation
  • Higher price but believed we would honor and respect that we were touching their lives, not simply doing a home improvement project

Lest you think I am editing a commercial about how wonderful we are, I also learned:

  • We do a good job introducing the lead people on the installation and painting crew but we need to also explain that the work will be done principally by crew members

I have written before, the window replacement industry needs to understand that we are being trusted with arguably the biggest manifestation of who we are – our homes. As a result, what we do and say needs to respect this truth.

Posted April 9, 2012 by Signature Windows + Doors
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