We began offering complete turn-key installed sales for homeowners a little more than a year ago. The good news is there is great interest in our combination of a quality install, fair pricing, and a no-pressure sales process. Given the sales strategy of our high pressure, gimmickry competitors, we routinely provide higher quality products along with AAMA certified installers at a combined price below their offers. How?

We don’t blanket door knobs, mailboxes, newspapers, radio, and TV with “buy two, get one free” specials. We don’t force ourselves into your home while requiring that both adults are present for the sales pitch. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, our competition’s focus on lead generation means that despite our higher value proposition, they sell far more installed windows.

We are looking for ways to “get into the conversation” and make more consumers aware of our peace-of-mind and product quality driven approach. One avenue of personal interest is a sustained campaign on Colorado Public Radio. What do you think? Will this message resonate with the target audience? Any other suggestions?

Posted May 17, 2009 by Signature Windows + Doors
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