In what will likely be looked back to as one of the biggest decisions in our 28-year history, we have decided to discontinue distributing Hurd products and focus instead on Marvin’s fiberglass and aluminum-clad lines.
Deciding to change a near 20-year relationship with Hurd was not easy. While we disagreed with Hurd’s warranties changes, we respect their right to do what they deemed in the best interest of all concerned. We wish the Hurd team the best and will continue to maintain a warranty and service relationship for the benefit of our customers.
The decision regarding what product(s) would become our primary lines was even more complex. With the notable exception of one manufacturer, every window company we investigated was excited by the prospect of distribution through SolarGlass. After a thorough analysis, we decided to concentrate on products we already distributed; Marvin’s aluminum clad and Integrity by Marvin’s fiberglass windows.
Marvin, a 97-year old family enterprise, offers the dedication to product quality, craftsmanship, ethics, and people that mesh perfectly with the SolarGlass approach.
The aluminum clad products offer:

  • Best standard exterior finish
  • Best standard multi-point door hardware
  • Best interior finish details
  • Signature Series offerings that blend seamlessly with the standard product line for custom design solutions
  • Very high design pressure ratings
  • Large sizes, innovative designs and operation

On the fiberglass front, Marvin has been producing Integrity Windows since the mid 1990s. Their patented acrylic capping systems, results in a paint finish un-matched by competing offerings. Combined with sizing flexibility, high performance, and attractive pricing, we believe we are perfectly position to cover the entire waterfront, form the price conscious to the high-end.
Look for showroom and website changes as we progress. We will chart our progress here as well.

Posted April 13, 2009 by Signature Windows + Doors
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