Curves… curveballs… it’s Summer 2021 and all the cool stuff we’ve been working on for years is starting to take shape.
When our customer first reached out to us about a Sky-Frame Arc curved frameless door system, I never thought it would ever actually come to fruition. (This one was only 769 days from first touch to delivery, since you know I’m keeping track.) This is their living room before…

Colorado residence

They wanted all glass with as little frame material as possible to get in the way of the views. Gotcha, yep, we’re talking Sky-Frame.
They wanted their new door system to part in the center. Alright.
They wanted it motorized. No problem.
They wanted a motorized interior shade. We’re still in the game.
We’ve got all these elements coming together this week and next, and we are so excited to see this coordinated effort become a reality.

sky-frame arc

Over a ton of glass is going to slide along this arced track, offering amazing all-around views of the surrounding mountains. The arced shade, just interior of the door, will be closed at the push of a button for privacy and room-darkening.
It’s so thrilling to work with customers who question the possibilities instead of following the path. Windows and doors are how you engage with the outdoor world, and in an area like ours with so much surrounding beauty, it seems a shame to not test the limit of bringing the outside in.
This Sky-Frame Arc will do just that. More to come as this one unfolds…

sky-frame arc
sky-frame arc
Posted July 22, 2021 by Signature Windows + Doors
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