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Lighting Obsessed: The Best Lighting Innovations of 2016

Low and no-energy bulbs, eco-friendly manufacturing, and devices that monitor the local power grid are just a few of the exciting lighting innovations of 2016. Lighting manufacturers and retailers continue to push the envelope with new ideas. Here are some of the most creative concepts we’ve come across this year.

Lighting Innovations

No Energy Light

Everyone is trying to use less power and save energy, so how about this idea — a light that uses no power at all! UK inventor Malcolm Wright figured out how to use other devices to power an LED light. He dubbed his new system Electrical Energy By-Product Lighting (EEBL). Basically, it piggybacks on the power already being used by other appliances. Your electric bill remains the same but you are squeezing more light out of the same watts you were using anyway. What a bright idea!

Eco Light

There are several new innovations in low energy and eco-friendly light bulbs and lamps, but what about the energy consumed in the manufacturing and distribution of lighting products? Professor Daizhong Su and a group of researchers at Nottingham Trent University in the UK have developed an eco-friendly light that uses recycled aluminum and silicone covered wiring to reduce its carbon footprint.

Power Out Light

If the power goes out in your neighborhood, it’s not a problem for iViTi’s ON Lamp. Whenever the power cuts off, the on-board back-up battery kicks on and you get several hours of light. If that’s not enough, you’ll just have to dig an old flashlight out of a drawer. The ON Lamp can also be paired with an iViTi device that keeps track of energy use on the power grid, allowing you to move to battery use and potentially get money back from your local power company. Check to see if they have a program to pay customers for helping take some of the load off their system.


Harald Haas had the idea for running his wireless internet from an LED light bulb back in 2011. Today, he has a working model and is working with the University of Edinburgh to help bring his Li-Fi concept to market. Scientists there believe that in the future, lights and other appliances will be able to receive data and power at the same time using Li-Fi, which could open up a whole new generation of smart lighting systems.

Lighting continues to be an exciting area of home building, renovation and design. These innovations are just a few of the trends we will be watching in the next few years. If the recent past is any indication, we can expect some mind-boggling new ideas to light up the future.

Posted August 23, 2016 by Signature Windows + Doors


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