Over the years, our Service and Delivery department has done some outstanding work, and continue to deliver excellent customer service. We’d like to share another example of just how far our team goes to get the job done. Last Tuesday night, one of our customers realized that her eight-year-old Marvin French Door wouldn’t lock. While she locked the screen door overnight, this was obviously not securing her home from unwanted entry. Our service team acknowledged that this needed immediate attention, and went out to the customer’s home the very next morning to get the lock to engage- then even trained her on how to prevent it from happening again, “Michael showed me how to maintain the lock in the future so that, hopefully, I can avoid a recurrence of this problem,” says Robyn, in Boulder.

When we receive this kind of customer feedback, it is no surprise that members of the Service and Delivery department continue to claim Employee of the Month awards. It also reaffirms that Bruce Wamsley, Director of Service and Delivery, leads a great team of individuals we are proud to have on our side. Keep up the great work, Bruce and Company!

French Doors
Posted July 17, 2016 by Signature Windows + Doors
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