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When a “Standard” Window Just Won’t Do

More and more, we’re seeing new construction homes being built in innovative shapes and layouts. Maybe you’ve noticed a few of the more creative designs in our social media posts?

Shipping container home
Tiny Home

In homes like these, a “standard” window just won’t work. An ordinary rectangular window on a wall shaped like this would look ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree?

Specialty Windows

And it’s not always new homes that feature these interesting designs. Plenty of older homes have more than enough charm and character to pull off specialty designs!
Did you know that we can create windows in almost any shape? How about a hexagon, or a circle? Or maybe you have a modern home that needs an asymmetrical 90-degree window in the living room. The choices are virtually limitless.
Unique homes, both new and old, need windows that best reflect their one-of-a-kind style.
With Marvin Windows from Signature Windows, you can have any window customized to meet the exact specifications your design requires. From direct glaze windows to specialized geometric shapes and more, Marvin’s specialty windows offer way more than the usual “glass rectangle.” Most are available as in-sash windows to match the other windows in your home, and many are operable too.

Marvin Windows

Take for example, the Marvin pivot window pictured here. It operates with hinges on either side, and is available in circular and oval shapes. It’s the perfect choice for gables, cupolas, attics and other unique spaces.
If circles aren’t your thing, maybe another custom shape would be a better choice. No problem. The Columbus Casing pictured here is just one of nine custom designs that might be the right fit for your space and style.
Concerned about color? Don’t be. Marvin offers completely customizable color matching to ensure that your new windows will exactly match your home’s exterior. You get literally any color your heart desires, with your own personal custom color name and a 20-year warranty.

Columbus Casing

Our windows are custom built to perfectly fit your home’s size, shape and style. Whether you need a stand-alone specialty window shape, or want to use a special shape in combination with another window style, we can design a window that meets your specifications. We offer practically any shape you can imagine, from circle-tops to pentagons to octagons and much more. So whatever your preference, we’re confident that we can create the perfect solution for your home. Stop by one of our showroom locations to learn more.

Posted February 23, 2016 by Signature Windows + Doors


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