Joining a company that has been around longer than I have been alive, has proven interesting. While SolarGlass has come a long way since 1980’s, there is still room to grow, especially in formulating strategies to get noticed and spread brand awareness.

There are so many avenues to explore and facets to uncover. How do you market your brand so we stand out among the rest?

Marketing Strategies

Partner with the neighboring chocolate store? Or with the neighboring pet shop? Or both?
Hire a teen to flip signs on an intersection?
Throw bricks through windows with an advertisement?
As a small company, we can be limited in our marketing strategy and outreach. While we can’t support a famous athlete or celebrity endorsing our company, we can be vigilant and strategic about what avenues to explore; where to advertise, how to enlist a community presence, and where to allocate our marketing resources.

The following tactics pinpoint all new marketing strategies that SolarGlass is in hot pursuit of tackling.

Event driven marketing:

Influential people are invited to participate in an event like a dinner, corporate function or hosting an online event. These events are typically meant to impress a client, motivate a workforce or drive attendance.

SolarGlass has been an active participant in events hosted by the Greenhouse Scholars. We are able to remain present in all of their events through our partnership, and market our brand to an audience who may not normally encounter us.

We also have a Trade Show Event calendar in the making. We are committed to making seven trade show appearances a year.

In the near future, SolarGlass will be hosting an array of their own events, such as wine tastings, fundraisers (through other partnerships), and events catered to helping a homeowner in making decisions about their homes. So, stay tuned for the summer launch of SolarGlass events.

Community Building:

This strategy is used to engage our audience in an active, non-intrusive manner to encourage customer conversation.

Building and engaging the community around our showroom is a major goal. We have implemented tactics to become more connected to the Cherry Creek community. For example, if you have passed by our showroom, you will notice a basket of dog treats, and a water dish filled with fresh water. While this tactic may not necessarily invoke a response and encourage a passerby to come in to look at windows, it is a noticeable detail. This is one small way to become a part of the community and build more awareness of our presence. And since we are all big dog lovers, we know that the way to a customer’s heart is through their pets.

Rest assured, we will not be throwing bricks through your windows anytime soon.

Posted June 1, 2015 by Signature Windows + Doors
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