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Copper is the New Black

Copper is the New Black
… at least when it comes to doors and windows!

We are excited to show off Marvin Window’s newest product color, copper. Recently, we received our second order for the copper color from a metro Denver area homeowner in Denver’s Country Club neighborhood. Not only did we provide the windows and doors for the project, but our Installation Services group handled the install:

Marvin Copper Doors

Speaking of installation services, that side of our business is growing fast, with heavy demand in the new construction, replacement, and commercial sectors. The trailer pictured below is the newest addition to our fleet. Our teams are running full tilt and we are adding talented new members to the team.

New Trailer

SolarGlass, like many companies is facing the difficulty of recruiting and keeping up with the rise in demand. While I am quickly approaching my 8th year of ownership, I am experiencing my first post recovery business growth cycle. There are two challenges; handling the growth successfully and doing so in I way that continues striving for Service Excellence. Too often, you see service based businesses respond to increased demand with a loosening of their standards. Things like showing up on time and when you say you will, doing what you say you will do, and finding ways to delight, not just satisfy customers. I don’t think this happen as a matter of callous disregard. Rather it is slow, slippery slope of “we are so busy,” “the customer does not seem to mind,” or “we are still better than the other guy.”

While we occasionally drop the ball and make a mistake, I am deathly afraid of falling into the larger trap. I wanted the opportunity for small company ownership because I believed service and standards could and should be better, and this “better” is the best way to drive profitability. On the other hand, our team are working long hours and the stress level is up a bit. I need to find the fine line between holding the service standard that is central to the vision, while not pushing people past a point that is fair and honorable. Given this is my first ownership experience, I don’t have all the answers to the challenge, but I know the right questions.

Posted July 28, 2014 by Signature Windows + Doors
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