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Container-Based Living by Sam Austin

Sam Austin is a Boulder architect with a high degree of artistic flair. His latest project involves container-based living spaces like this one featured in the Denver Post:

Shipping container home

Here’s a photo of an 8 x 20′ shipping container repurposed as 160 square feet of new living space – a specialty of Sam Austin’s company, Rhino Cubed.

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet Sam Austin during a construction project of one such container. SolarGlass supplied Milgard fiberglass windows for the demonstration project featured in the recent Denver Post article.

In this photo, Rick Garhart, our Director of Commercial and Installation Services (left) is walking Sam Austin through the best installation methodology for windows in the containers:

Sam Austin

– Gwénaël

Posted May 14, 2014 by Signature Windows + Doors
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