A couple of weeks ago, our CEO, Gwénaël Hagan, attended an invitation-only Dealer of Distinction event hosted by Marvin Windows & Doors. This was the third such event of its kind, the first one being in 2007 and the second two years later. It was this second event in 2009 that Gwénaël attended as a new dealer who had just made the decision to commit to the Marvin and Integrity by Marvin product lines.

The two day event was simply amazing. Guests were treated to presentations from Jonathan Smoke, Billy Beane, Andrew Davis, and Daniel Pink, as well as a number of Marvin family and executive team members. Three things stood out:

  • Daniel Pink’s Presentation offered a fascinating look at the social science behind the impact of buyers having as much if not more information as sellers, and what makes a good salesperson in this new environment.
  • Gigi Marvin’s (2014 Olympic Silver Medalist, Hockey) passion, commitment, and competitive spirit spoke volumes about her. The neat thing was how she connected these attributes to “those people on the window side.”
  • The opportunity to interact with other dealers, because running a small business tends to isolate you a bit – particularly in a town where other dealers wrongly assume that sharing information is a win-lose battle of wits and not a win-win opportunity to get better. Gwénaël met very impressive owners and senior managers and picked up more than a few nuggets to help improve SolarGlass

Overall, the event confirmed what we knew was true all along – that the decision to partner with the Marvin companies was the right choice back in 2009. We’re proud to be a Marvin “Dealer of Distinction” and to carry their product lines, and we look forward to the opportunity to attend the next such event!

Gwenael Hagan with Gigi Marvin
Posted April 15, 2014 by Signature Windows + Doors
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