The Independent Electrical Contractors of the Rocky Mountains (IECRM) is the leading electrical and renewable energy contractor association in Colorado. The association is comprised of 200+ member companies who together generate over $2 billion in annual sales, all while educating 725 electrical apprentices and licensed electricians.


Under the direction of their CEO, Spenser Villwock, IECRM is dedicated to educating, promoting, and advancing the electrical industry. Spenser has been a great friend to SolarGlass for many years, and we are very proud to support his organization.
Gwénaël Hagan was recently invited to speak to IECRM’s Emerging Leaders Group, and in fact, delivered his presentation just this past week. He joined a talented group of employees from organizations throughout the area to discuss leadership and financial success.
While the presentation included a solid overview of best practices for financial health, Gwénaël’s primary focus centered on the idea of becoming a “Category of One” – a topic inspired by a book with the same title written by Joe Calloway.
A few key points from the discussion included:

  • What are you aiming at, what do you stand for, when do you say no?
  • Preserving the margin of excellence, and what happens if you don’t
  • How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • Identifying and developing talent of all kinds and at all levels – how do you find what everyone wishes they had?
  • If people are your most important asset – how much of your day is dedicated to them?
  • Dedicate time to sharpening the saw

The presentation was a great success, and Gwénaël’s main takeaway was definitely share-worthy: YOU are the only one with a 100% vested interest in the sum total of what you accomplish. Remember, all your choices and actions will ultimately determine the level of your success.

Posted November 19, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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