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The Value of Doing it Right the First Time

As we know, learning from the trial and error method produces a strong remembrance of what not to do the next time when this system results in the not so ideal outcome on the error side. Try, try again is what typically comes after the error result. What if, instead of going through trials and errors, the method we choose is to research, investigate and completely delve into the available outcomes of our particular endeavor that we have on our agenda?

At first thought this may seem a little overwhelming and time consuming for some of us, and for others it may seem like a light bulb popping on and the thought of; Wow! Now that would make it easy! comes to mind. This method of getting “it” done will end up in the long run an overall time saver and finance saver too. When loss of time is considered in the same realm of loss of finances we begin to look at how much more “time” we can devote to other fun, or important tasks which need to be accomplished when we value this forever running non-renewable resource of “time.”

Being in the window industry, we see and talk to the homeowners who have used the trial and error method years ago by using vinyl windows for their remodel, or new home build projects 10+ years ago. This is back in the hey-day times of the 90’s and early 2000 years. There was not a lot of research going on and instead building revolved a lot around how fast a project could be completed to move onto the next job. Now, fast-forward to today and homeowners are finding that the flexible inexpensive frame materials that come with the vinyl manufacturing market are not holding up to the test of time. Try again now is coming onto the remodel scene and thankfully homeowners are now researching, investigating and completely delving into all aspects of their home remodel, or new build project.

This is great news for both homeowners and building product distributors alike, homeowners are now discovering that the quick, easy, inexpensive building products which are not standing up to time adds up to time and energy spent doing it over the second time around. Lucky for these homeowners there are distributors such as SolarGlass who are available to help them get educated and help get it done right the second time around. Lucky too for the homeowners who are just now starting projects, today they have a much greater opportunity to benefit and understand the real value of doing it right the first time.

Posted August 19, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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