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Interior Doors: Adding Style & Modern Edges to Interior Design

At SolarGlass Window & Door, we understand that interior doors end up being the afterthought, or even sometimes not given much thought to new home builds or remodel projects. Given this knowledge and knowing that flooring, cabinet’s, counters and appliances typically take center stage when considering the main visual appeals for homes to live in and entertain guests, we offer a different approach to our customers. As an alternative of just accepting these facts here at SolarGlass we are into educating and helping homeowners realize there are many more styles and options to choose from than just the typical 6-panel interior doors, or the newest home look of knotty alder doors in today’s marketplace that can complement the interior staples of a home.
Considering the distribution choices of TruStile and Simpson doors that SolarGlass offers to our customers for interior door market products we have the means to offer door styles to compliment any decorating design. Simpson’s motto of “life goes through it” pretty much sums up the simple fact that interior doors are the avenue in which we transition from one room to another. Now when we take into account this aspect we can launch the idea of going through life where transition points enhance and defines the flair and appeal of our interior designs from one room to another.

TruStile barn door

TruStile doors revolve their business around radically differentiating their products from their competition. The main difference with a TruStile door is the fact that their doors are built using only the best materials available from the highest density MDF to the thickest veneers. TruStile’s wide range of flexibility with door styles offers an almost endless possibility to add design elements to a home. Their newest addition is their “Tru & Modern” line where flooring, cabinets and counter choices meet their match in the interior decorating arena. Interior doors now exist in the realm of flooring, cabinets and counter choices when leather, metal, glass and resins are substituted with panels on doors. Stop by one of our showrooms today to learn about all the options that will transform a typical door into a design element to complement the entire home design and appeal.

Posted August 5, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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