>Here at SolarGlass our 4-legged friends are extra special to us, so special in fact that our official greeter in our Cherry Creek showroom is a Border collie named Fuzz, who comes to work each day with her owner Shawn, SolarGlass’ purchasing manager. Fuzz gets help with her duties several days of the week when Bouvier Cora along with Thor an adorable Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix are in the showroom. Cora and Thor were both rescued by SolarGlass’ owner Gwenael Hagan, and they are the perfect pup sister/brother team. On Cora and Thor’s off duty days from Cherry Creek they can often be found in our Boulder showroom making sure everyone feels welcome and at home.
With Cora, Thor and Fuzz 4-pawing the showroom floors, they dutifully set everyone at ease by bringing smiles to our visitors.
At SolarGlass when it comes to our 4-legged friends our devotion doesn’t stop with our own dogs that we have committed to safekeeping by making sure they have all the creature comforts and the love that comes along with the responsibility of being a dog owner. We also care about homeless pets by supporting MaxFund a local no-kill animal shelter and low cost veterinary clinic. MaxFund really blows away our easy commitment of taking care of our own dogs by making it their complete calling to care for and find forever homes for the lucky pups and kitties that end up on their doorstep. Fuzz and Cora (before Thor’s time) have hosted an adoption event for MaxFund, and they look forward to events to be promoted on behalf of their furry friends who deserve the same love and security that they enjoy each and every day.
Keeping in line with our dedication to homeless dogs and our own charges, at the Cherry Creek showroom a bone treat basket hangs outside the showroom door for the local dogs that pass by during their daily walks about town. The dogs sure remember where the good stuff is found and appreciative owners stop by often to say “Thanks” for giving their dogs something to look forward to during their walks. What makes it all worth the time and effort putting out the special little treats, water and promoting local benefits is it revolves around the giving with nothing expected in return.
So yes, here at SolarGlass our 4-legged friends are extra special to us … and we are happy to report that they are extra special to lots of others too! Enjoy the “Dog Days” every day of the year.
Posted June 10, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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