SolarGlass offers fair and honest pricing based on project size – not window discounts or sales gimmicks!

About once per week I am asked about window discounts, sales or other special offers.  What immediately pops to mind are the replacement window company’s endless stream of “buy one window, get one at 40% off”, “buy two windows get one free”, “save $500 on your Pella® project”, or “5 years no interest”.  I then respond with a simple question – how do you know?

How do you know that you got a window discount, or something free, or a 40% savings?  When your Pella® contract shows you a line item showing $500 off, how do you know the $500 was not simply added to the top line?  And, as I have posted before, money is not free.  Merchants receive about $.92 on a dollar for these “interest-free” offers.  I can tell you that when the finance companies have pitched SolarGlass on such financing, the examples they share all have SolarGlass adding the financing cost to the price our customers would pay.

I simply don’t believe in the hucksterism of these offers.  Our pricing is based on the size of your project and is the same customer to customer, season to season.  Now I suppose you can ask “how can I prove it”?  I really can’t, but at least we are not asking you to believe that you are the lucky one who gets our free window or that the special we are running now is better than the one run last week and will not be beat by the one coming next week.

I did have a very interesting exchange with a social marketing consultant and mom last week.  She said that even though it is easy to see through the hucksterism, people need a way to know the price they are paying is fair and that the trust they are about to place in you will not be abused.  I had not looked at it from this perspective.  After giving this some thought, the best response I can offer is to recommend that people take the time to visit the company they are considering for their window replacement project.  Evaluate the people of SolarGlass. It is one thing for me to type out a blog post but it is quite another for you to determine if our people, our showrooms, and our products walk the talk.  If you decide to work with us, ask to meet me or take my card.  If you ever have a suggestion for making the process better or have any problem at all.  Call my mobile number.  I want to hear your ideas and if there is a problem, I will be personally involved.

Posted April 26, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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