We’ve blogged about entry doors in recent weeks, and how they can be helpful to improve the energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal of your home, but what about interior doors? Whether we’re talking about the basement, a sunroom, or the hall closet, a good door can make a big difference when it comes to both the style and function of your home.

SolarGlass is proud to offer the full line of interior door products from TruStile – a locally owned company here in Colorado. Premium TruStile doors are manufactured from paint-grade MDF and stain-grade wood, and are available in 12 different architectural styles to complement the interior décor of every home:

These days, the range of options available for interior doors is nearly limitless. Whether you’re looking for full frame replacement or just installing a new panel into an existing frame, we have the best selection of door styles to choose from – over 350 to be exact!

But aside from obvious improvements to the design, material, and color of standard, flat-panel interior doors, the newest styles offer even more. Our premium interior doors can reduce noise with sound insulation, provide additional security and privacy, and even improved functionality. For example, in a small bedroom, new sliding doors may be a perfect space-saving solution. And for that small guest bath down the hall, perhaps a pocket door is just the right fit!

There are four main types of interior doors to choose from:

Trustile doors
Trustile doors

Folding Doors – when space is limited, and a standard hinged door just won’t fit, folding doors are a great option. Closets and pantries both benefit from the easy access offered by folding doors.

Hinged doors – also known as passage doors. They are the most common type of doors you see in homes these days. One side is mounted on hinges, and the other swings open in or out of the room. Hinged doors are available as a stand-alone item, or as a pre-hung door unit. They are the best choice to completely close off a room, as they shut securely and block noise reasonably well.

Trustile doors
TruStile Doors

Pocket Doors – available in both single and double configurations, pocket doors become nearly invisible when open. They slide in and out of a recessed area inside the wall, making them the most unobtrusive type of door available for your home. While installation is a bit more complicated than standard hinged door installation, pocket doors offer unique style and functionality over more traditional doors.

Sliding Doors – these are often referred to as “bypass doors.” They’re best suited to areas that feature non-standard, wide openings like a large bedroom closet. Sliding doors don’t swing open like hinged doors, so for tight spaces they’re often the best choice.

Whether you’re shopping for a new style, color, or material … or perhaps even looking to swap a hinged door for a space-saving alternative, we can help! Stop by one of our showrooms and visit with a member of our experienced sales team for more information.

Posted April 2, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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