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Integrity From Marvin Windows: Performance & Strength

Marvin’s fiberglass line “Integrity from MARVIN” offers narrow sight lines combined with energy efficient performance, all this and Integrity’s fiberglass is as strong as steel and eight times stronger than vinyl.

Fiberglass does not conduct heat or cold like older generations of steel windows and all-aluminum windows with thermal breaks which are available from some window manufacturers in today’s market. The strong as steel strength of Integrity’s fiberglass allows for narrow clean site lines which are a great replacement product for the old steel windows that were installed in homes during the 1950’s and before. Integrity is the best replacement product to outlast vinyl in performance in the test of time category because vinyl will expand and contract over the years compromising the installation envelope and sash and weatherstrip window components. Replacing old cold drafty windows with Integrity from Marvin means that your window installation and performance after 10-years plus is still performing just the same as the first year of installation, unlike vinyl products that deteriorate from expansion and contraction in all weather conditions which leads to replacing windows again when the initial performance that you get with vinyl products is deteriorating your home building envelope.

Integrity’s Ultrex material is the first to be listed under AAMA’s 2010 voluntary fiberglass/composite finish specifications. The patented finish meets AAMA 623 standards for maximum curb appeal for generations to come.

Integrity’s stable material being strong as steel means minimal expansion/contraction to offer virtually no maintenance required. The superior strength characteristics of Ultrex keeps the units square and true for performance to endure the test of time.

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Posted January 28, 2013 by Signature Windows + Doors
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