Exterior clad color choices for many years have been limited to select color palettes which are based on extensive research that manufacturers have completed.  Due to this research, exterior color choices have been limited to the most popular colors within product offerings.  With Marvin that meant 19-standard color choices, which is far more than other window manufacturers. For the daring few home builders and consumers, deviations outside the color palette meant that the budget for windows and doors increased significantly.

Now fast forward… today we are living in the future pinnacle for exterior clad color choices!  Marvin Windows and Doors now offers “Any Color Windows & Doors that You Want” for your project.  In addition to this intense spectrum of color choices, Marvin’s offering includes not only your personal choice for exterior clad color, but the factory paint finish is in non other than durable Kynar 2605 paint!  Wow!  What a step into the future this brings, we can now have our little pink house and install pink windows too!

To find out more about this new product offering and other new Marvin products and choices visit one of our front range showroom locations!  Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff can help turn your project dream into reality!

Posted September 17, 2012 by Signature Windows + Doors
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