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Check out this link to a fun story about the Marvin family of companies, or as stated in a nationally televised speech – paraphrasing here – that company in Warroad Minnesota …
I enjoyed the blog posts, but I think the writer missed some “Fun Facts”

  • There are an amazing number of ways walleye can be prepared, for breakfast, lunch and dinner…
  • They still serve meals on “Air Marvin” – no movies however…
  • Based on never having seen one, there must be a law against driving BMWs, Mercedes, or other pretentious vehicles in Warroad

The coolest fact is found in the Visitor and Training Center.  There you will find a wall of photos featuring multiple generations of families who have or are working at Marvin.  That perfectly frames the symbiotic relationship between the people of Marvin and the Marvin family.

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