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Winterizing Your Home for Comfort and Appeal

Winterizing your home, and sprucing it up is now easier than ever with SolarGlass’ lineup of products that offer energy efficient options to add to your home’s decor and your personal comfort in your home.

Home decor: Homeowners are now more than ever considering the entire envelope of their home’s appeal which includes not only the interior fixtures but also how windows and doors add to the attraction of their home’s exterior appearance and the interior ambiance. Each individual rooms’ purpose can be optimized for energy efficiency and appeal by utilizing window glass options, interior wood species, and hardware finish options.

Personal comfort: Today’s energy efficient window options and glass technologies offer a multitude of glass choices and sound control for savvy homeowners. Sound control can be accomplished by utilizing the glass unit envelope with counterbalanced glass thicknesses to allow for less sound transmissions which helps to achieve a relaxed living environment inside the home.

Contact your SolarGlass sales rep today and learn about the differences today’s technologies and options can do to make your home efficient, comfortable and stunning.

Posted August 20, 2012 by Signature Windows + Doors
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