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Replacing Windows – My Own Home

You can read elsewhere in this blog my belief that vinyl windows do not stand up to Colorado’s climate. Guess what I, the owner, have in my own Denver, CO home!
After six years of cognitive dissonance, we have kicked off phase one of three phases to replace the vinyl.
Here is the before picture:

Vinyl Windows

And here is a picture showing the stucco cut back and the new windows installed:

New fiberglass windows

Proper installation technique always requires cutting back the stucco. It is more expensive but it is the only way to ensure that water that inevitably work its way behind the stucco is managed around the window and out, as opposed to into the wall cavity.
Proper flashing detail:

New Patio doors

I will post the stucco repair and the finished project next week.

Posted June 29, 2012 by Signature Windows + Doors
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