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Replacement Window Marketing – Hype, Hucksterism, and Humor

Just for fun, and certainly to make the points, here are a few of my favorite marketing “distortions.”

Proprietary Glass Names … High Performance this, Comfort that, exclusive, etc … There are five companies in North America that make the vast majority of glass for residential windows and as things stand today, the energy efficiency coatings are relatively common across the companies. So the next time you read ™ or ® after the cool sounding name, consider the source …

Certified Installation … It is great to tout certification. If it is a company’s internal certification, how good is it? Why not the industry-leading, national third-party certification that can be independently verified? Hint – a number of the major replacement window companies manufacture windows that by design cannot be installed in the Installation Master’s prescribed manner…

45% to 75% more energy efficient … Yeesh, I addressed this in an early blog post

No interest for months, even years … Does anyone know of any company that is in the business of offering anything without receiving something in return? What would the price be absent the financing? How do you know?

Posted May 12, 2011 by Signature Windows + Doors
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