Both Marvin and Integrity fiberglass windows offer full wood interiors. Each is best in class for the quality of exterior finish. Both products are American made and backed by a company with a 99 year heritage of commitment to customers and employees.

The nod goes to Marvin when we are honoring historic details, joining windows to create dramatic window walls, specifying very large or non rectangular units, or the available hardware, profile, wood species, or glass options are required to complete the desired architectural or design aesthetic. Wood Ultrex is the right choice when the price/value balance is paramount, the window openings are straightforward, and the available hardware and glass options meet the customer’s needs.

Using an automobile analogy, both the Toyota Camry and a Mercedes get you from point A to B with high quality and value. The Mercedes can be optioned to meet nearly any automotive desire while the Camry, regardless of options, will not satisfy most Mercedes buyers. The same holds true for project meant for Wood Ultrex and those best for Marvin.

Posted May 2, 2011 by Signature Windows + Doors
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