While not quite achieving the business performance of 2007, which would signify a complete recovery of our business, we are on pace for double digit growth over 2009. This, even as the economic recovery is sputtering a bit and a number of our competitors are reporting flat sales.

It would be simplistic and self-serving to say that our performance is a result of the changes we implemented in the business or leadership effectiveness. It would also ignore the real reasons, which include a flight to quality, the increased importance of trust, and the fact that the SolarGlass team, with its combined 200+ years of experience, made it though the economic crises intact.

Early in 2009, we made a decision to narrow our product offering to a near exclusive focus on Marvin and Integrity by Marvin windows and doors. We made this decision based on the Marvin family’s commitment to product quality and active customer involvement. Our timing was matched by a movement towards projects that while smaller, incorporate higher quality materials.

Customers are also more careful about who they buy windows from. At a minimum, they want to be sure the company will be there to fulfill the order! Moreover, they want to know that service and warranty support will be there over the long run. Our 30-year history compares favorably in a climate where a number of competitors have closed their doors.

Trust and expertise are also more important than ever. Everyone is doing more with less and need to be able to rely on suppliers to get the details right and to serve as a member of the design team as aesthetic, performance, and budgetary factors are weighed. Here is where the SolarGlass team in unmatched. With the full support of our investors, we did not cut staff to the bone to make our 2009 financial results better. We decided instead to take a slightly bigger financial hit and keep all of our “A” players.

In the final analysis, it always boils down to people and the people of SolarGlass are amazing!

Posted September 2, 2010 by Signature Windows + Doors
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