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Chapter Five: The Final Product

We were able to arrive at a mutual agreement around the shades and we now have new windows that are super. It is very remarkable how, even without shades, our home is far warmer and more comfortable than it has ever been. Again, one of those things that is hard to explain, or believe, but the overall comfort within the house is very noticeable.

In the past we could feel drafts inside when the temperature was bitter cold (sub-zero) outside. We’d also gotten pretty good at telling the temperature outdoors by the feel within the house, anywhere within the house. For the first several weeks we had the new windows we’d try to guess outside the outside temperature and we’d be off more than 20 degrees! We can stand right up next to the glass on sub-zero days and not get cold. We’ve lowered the thermostat about 5 degrees and the house feels warmer and more comfortable than before.

But not only are the new windows more efficient, they also have a ‘warmer’ appearance to them. The glass is set deeper in the frames (as viewed from inside out) so they impart a deeper feel to the room. And the new awning window in the kitchen has truly opened this room immensely. This new feel to the kitchen is one of our favorite parts of the change. We are very appreciative that Rick didn’t just sell us what we wanted, but also what we didn’t know we’d want! We appreciate that he took the time and effort to help us with the feel of this room and make a suggestion that really made a huge difference, and it was a down-sale since the awning window was less expensive than a direct double casement replacement window.

We are extremely pleased that Rick, Eric, Mark, and Gwénaël are all professionals focused on delivering a quality product and experience to their customers. We believe that SolarGlass is a great company and we have already recommended them to our neighbors who are having similar window rotting problems that we had.

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Posted April 20, 2010 by Signature Windows + Doors
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