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Replacing your windows is not a one-step process, but it does not have to be a complicated maze of decisions as long as you educate yourself on the choices and follow a recommended course of action.

This guide will lay the groundwork, but your comments and the other visitors’ experiences will give you the clear advice that you are seeking to help you replace your windows. It is the best of both worlds; words from replacement window experts, commented on by real-life consumers who are either involved in the process, or have already completed their window installation.

I am going to speak from a personal standpoint throughout this guide and stay focused on the region of the United States that we specialize in with our store locations, Colorado’s urban corridor and mountain communities. – Gwénaël Hagan, President and Owner.

In these semi-arid, high altitude climates, windows and doors are impacted in ways not experienced in the vast majority of the country. For more information on the climatic implications, click through to the Replacement Window page and read the vinyl window section.

Everyone’s situation is different, but their reasons for replacing windows are common. It is up to you to make sure that you choose someone that can help through the process to get you what you want. In this guide, you can ask specific questions that will be answered. So please, get in touch with questions or comments and read through these helpful resource pages to find expert advice for real replacement window situations.

Part One: Introduction
Part Two: Replacement Windows
Part Three: Energy Efficiency
Part Four: High Altitude
Part Five: Historic Windows
Part Six: Warranty & Service
Part Seven: FAQ



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