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Kolbe Doors

Consistent with our “Own the Opening” design philosophy, the introduction of the Kolbe brand to our product line broadens the full range of door solutions we are able to offer, particularly on the contemporary and entry system fronts. Kolbe takes a quality-first approach to the durability of paint finishes and the longevity of its glass packages, and they pride themselves on their ability to cost-effectively customize their products in response to unique or unusual requirements.

Kolbe’s highly innovative, quality door designs feature energy efficient performance to meet green building standards. Both wood and aluminum clad exterior sliding, swinging, and bi-fold door systems are available in a variety of styles to perfectly match the style and size of any opening. In addition, and perhaps more uniquely, Kolbe offers a complete line of entry systems. From single doors, to complete entrances with sidelites and transoms. With Kolbe entry doors, we are able to use aluminum-clad door frames to tie together the window and door aesthetics or wood frame that make an independent statement.

VistaLuxe Collection:

The VistaLuxe collection differs from Kolbe’s other product lines in that it was collaboratively designed with architects specifically for more contemporary homes. Specifically, these products feature only the most modest frame, drawing deliberate attention to the view … not the doors.

The VistaLuxe line is unique in that each product shares a consistent profile; meaning, there is precise vertical and horizontal alignment between each window and door, allowing them to be combined into unique, completely compatible configurations. An industry-leading frame-to-daylight-opening ratio lets the view take center stage.

These doors offer three exterior styles in extruded aluminum with sleek lines and intentionally narrow profiles. The interior wood finish is available in 20 different styles to complement any modern home décor.

Ultra Series:

No matter the size and shape of the entry, there is a Kolbe Ultra Series door to perfectly fill the space. Much like VistaLuxe, doors in the Ultra Series feature a durable, extruded aluminum clad exterior in 50+ different colors to perform in even the harshest conditions. The wood interiors are crafted primarily with Pine in 20 different pre-finish options, although other wood species are also available.

Heritage Series:

Kolbe’s Heritage Series is a complete line of premium-quality doors featuring wood on the interior and exterior that come “ready-to-finish” with a primed exterior.

Custom Solutions

Kolbe offers a range of high-performing doors in a variety of sizes and styles to enhance the design of any project.

Enhanced Performance

From front doors to multi-unit patio installations, these professional-grade products are built to a higher standard.

Innovative Styles

Door systems for people who desire grand sizes, imaginative shapes and styles, and demand superior performance.


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