What Are Clad Wood Windows?

Cladding is a protective exterior coating or cover applied to a wood window. There are many types of cladding to choose from in a variety of materials that offer a full range of performance and durability options. Here at Signature Windows, we offer two of the most popular varieties:

  • Aluminum clad wood windows
  • Fiberglass clad wood windows

In general, the main benefit to cladding is that it provides a low maintenance window exterior without sacrificing the beautiful interior aesthetic a wood window provides.

Extruded Aluminum Clad Windows

Extruded aluminum is the strongest and most durable form of cladding. Extruded aluminum has the thickness of a nickel and maintains its shape better than other forms of cladding. It is resistant to dents and other damage that often occur during shipping and installation. Our extruded aluminum windows are coated with an extremely durable paint – the highest-quality 70% Kynar paint, to be exact – making it the most durable clad window on the market today. The specially engineered Kynar paint is much more resistant to fading and chalking than other clad-finish products. In addition, all Marvin aluminum clad window extrusions are treated with a 5-step process to ensure quality paint adhesion and long-lasting performance. For more information, please visit Marvin Windows.

Fiberglass Clad Windows

The newest type of cladding in the window industry is Composite Fiberglass. Windows made with fiberglass components expand and contract at virtually the same rate as glass, so each window remains tightly sealed, with no leaks, seal failures, or stress cracks.

Fiberglass clad windows combine the strength performance of a fiberglass exterior to protect against the elements with the traditional look of a handcrafted wood interior. SolarGlass carries the Wood-Ultrex fiberglass window line from Integrity Windows – windows that offer the perfect blend of classic styling and advanced construction technology designed for windows to look beautiful and last for decades.

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