Sky-Frame: Glass Window Panels & Windowless Frames

There is currently an architectural trend towards modern, contemporary structures with large expanses of glass, minimal window and door frames, and aluminum interiors. Domestic sources of products that fit the bill often come with severe thermal performance trade-offs. We turned to European systems for the architectural aesthetic without compromise and are proud to introduce operable and fixed systems from Sky-Frame. Please watch the video below, and explore the possibilities for your home.

We are an official Sky-Frame distribution & service partner

With ceiling-high door panels, as well as organically curved and inclined glass units, Sky-Frame is the key to individual spatial concepts and extraordinary architecture. True to the Bauhaus vision of “free-flowing space”, the sliding doors open up the living area with a flush transition. This allows inside and outside to merge seamlessly into one another. Thanks to the timeless frameless door design, the view is elevated to a fascinating design element.

The Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made and stands for precise engineering and the pursuit of the best-possible frameless sliding door.

Sky-Frame Glass Wall System

Contact us to learn more and get assistance with architectural design details. As with everything we sell, we install these systems allowing a stress and worry-free execution.

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