Velux Skylights. Bringing Light to Life.

For the last six decades, VELUX has been the industry leader in roof windows and skylights. Pairing quality, durable designs with energy-efficiency, VELUX is the cleanest, safest way to introduce natural light into any space.

Why Choose Velux?

When purchasing a skylight, it’s as important to consider the quality of construction and materials as the design aesthetic and overall functionality. That’s why we carry the Velux brand. We’re proud to partner with the best skylight manufacturer in the industry.

Long before the “green” building movement, VELUX was the first manufacturer to have ENERGY STAR rated skylights. And Velux continues to lead the market in venting skylights, allowing homeowners to not only enjoy the sunlight, but bring the fresh air in.

With different styles, sizes and options like; light shades, glazing options, vented models, and even sun tunnels, Velux has the perfect skylight for your home.

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