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Legally Defensible Yes – Applicability Varies Widely

Here are some of the energy efficiency claims about replacement windows found on competitor websites:

    • 45% more energy efficient in winter

  • $465 in Energy Savings!
  • In each case, a reading of the fine print and disclaimers makes these claims perfectly legitimate. However, to determine whether you will experience these levels of improvement requires an understanding of glass technology and terminology, as well as glazing to floor area ratio, not the starting point level of homeowner knowledge in our experience.

    Moreover, I dislike the sales approach. Statements touting benefits in the abstract and at the high end of the scale are not designed to “set the table” for a information exchange that results in a more confident and educated buyer. Rather, it is a tease and tantalize approach – not my idea of best serving homeowners.

    Aside from the sales approach, claims of window energy efficiency or energy savings fail to acknowledge the system’s base nature of how a home and its occupants use energy. More on this in a subsequent post …

    Posted September 29, 2009 by Signature Windows + Doors
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